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Other Work

I live in Fremantle in Wesrtern Australia, close to where the river flows into the sea. There is a busy port area there which is a real source of inspiration for me.I spend a lot of time walking around the area,taking photographs and sketching. Some of the images, like Wharf Junk I and II are about shape and colour. I find these accidental compositons very exciting even if I dont know what the objects are.The cranes are also a favourite image with the complexity of positive and negative shapes across an infinite number of skies.
I also enjoy summer twilight sails. My sailing skills are limited but that frees me up to enjoy the wine and soak up images for future paintings.


Fremantle Cranes

Acrylic on canvas  90cm x 60cm NFS

Wharf Junk I

Acrylic on canvas 45cms x 45cms SOLD

Wharf Junk II

Acrylic on canvas 45cms x 45cms

View from Burt Street

Acrylic on canvas 120cms x 90cms SOLD

Night Sail

Acrylic on canvas  100cm x 100cm SOLD

Twilight Sail

Acrylic on canvas 90cms x 120cms SOLD